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Rubber picking finger

Duram Industries A.C. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of picking fingers for automatic defeathering machines. Duram produces a wide range of high quality picking fingers for all types of picking equipment available on the international market. Duram fingers are produced by modern computer controlled equipment in large quantities and are distributed in many countries all over the world.

The use of only high quality raw materials, progressive production techniques, conscientious design and strict quality control over all production stages ensure the fingers efficient performance and long duration in the picker, thereby saving costs and replacement time.

The wide choice of fingers and hardness degrees enables each plant to choose the best fingers for it's specific conditions and needs. All the rubber compounds used for Duram fingers are USDA approved and are safe for contact with food.

Duram fingers are also available in anti-bacterial form. Made from a special, sophisticated and unique compound which prevents the growth of bacteria such as Salmonella on the fingers, these fingers are available in all sizes and hardness degrees.

A semi-oval shaped finger with a reinforced head, which provides longer durability. A special body and spiral design results in excellent picking capacity without any skin damage, which makes it perfect for processors of fresh production and for "yellow birds". KOP fingers are produced in all the hardness degrees to fit all requirements. KOP fingers fit STORK and MEYN pickers.
A round finger. Its special body-design and delicate spirals ensure maximum flexibility and excellent picking performance, without damage to the skin. The special qualities of the hard compound guarantee extra-long durability of the finger. LINO fingers fit LINCO, MEYN and SYSTEMATE machines.
A round finger with a special profile, especially fits to STORK and MEYN pickers. The combination of a round and gentle finger profile with a special rib design gives this finger excellent picking capacity. The shape of the finger's head and neck gives it a strong and stable hold in the disc and therefore it is also longer lasting. GINA fingers are produced in a wide range of hardness degrees to fit all requirements.
A long finger developed by DURAM especially for disc pickers. BELLA is a round finger, 1.5 cm (0.59 inch) longer than standard fingers like GINA or KOP. BELLA fits most standard pickers such as STORK, MEYN, LINCO etc. BELLA provides a good solution to processors who require longer fingers for picking big poultry or need a better coverage of the different bird parts in standard pickers.
A new round finger with a profile similar to GINA or BELLA, but much longer. GAIA is 10 mm longer than BELLA. GAIA fits STORK, MEYN and LINCO pickers as well as some locally made picking machines.



The combination of its special design and the quality of DURAM compound makes it one of the best fingers now available in the market. This finger proves its excellent picking qualities on the highly market. In addition, DURAM 301 lasts longer than any other finger. DURAM 301 fits machine BARKER RP-3000 thick drums, BARKER RF-6, etc.
A big round finger with a specially strong structure. DALIA fingers mainly fit STORK pickers and other pickers for big poultry, like turkeys. Its stable and solid body and its strong grip at the disc give it excellent picking capacity in difficult working conditions for long periods.



A flat, strong finger, with long-lasting and efficient picking performance. The flat shape allows excellent contact with the skin surface for closer picking, while the finger's flexibility prevents any skin damage.



A pneumatic device designed to maximize effciency and ease the difficult task of finger replacement involved in the poultry picking, the DURAM Finger Puller is safe and easy to operate. Compact, lightweight and portable, it can be carried anywhere by using a shoulder strap. You' ll findthe DURAM finger puller is the answer to ergonomics related problems.



The DURAM cutter is easy to operate, compact, light and portable. It can be easily carried anywhere by using a shoulder strap. The DURAM cutter is the answer to ergonomics related problems.



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