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Inter Supply Technology Limited Partnership

IST Technology Company Limited


IST Technology is one of the major spare parts, equipment suppliers for food processing plants in Thailand. Established in October 1993 with the name " Inter Supply Technology Limited Partnership ". At the end of September 2001, the company was changed the register to " IST Technology Company Limited ".


Today IST is the manufacturer and distributor of the following items ;

- Overhead conveyer chains, trolleys, wheels and related components for poultry processing plants

- Rubber picking fingers, pig de-hairing  scraper and polishing whip

- Equipment and spare parts related to food processing industries

- Poultry processing plant consultant and turnkey operation

- Stainless steel wire conveyers for all kinds of food processing plants and general industries


Our Vision

We will be the best spare parts, equipment supplier for food processing plants in Thailand, working in true partnership with our customers, our suppliers, and among ourselves.


Our Mission

IST Technology is committed to providing the highest level of customer impression through high quality products.


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Tel : 662-398-5894, 662-746-7704 Fax : 662-398-9422 E-mail : sales@istc.co.th Website : www. istc.co.th