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Scraper and whip

Made in USA


Longwood combines decades of experience and development with proprietary rubber formulations to deliver products that achieve superior performance from USA. As the world's leading manufacturer of hog scrapers and polishing whips, we offer an extensive range of specially designed scrapers and whips for all dehairing purposes in small, mid-range and large slaughter lines.

Our scrapers stand up to the toughest jobs and are durable enough to extend replacement cycles. These paddles are specially designed and formulated of the highest quality rubber and fabric compounded materials to effectively extend length of service. The rubber construction stands up to high temperatures and delivers the superior hygiene required in food processing


Premium Star

The largest plants in the world depend upon this paddle to deliver the longest life in the homogenous throughput environments. Designed for the most punishing of applications, these scrapers use the highest quality rubber and fabric compounded materials. These paddles set the standard for quality, dependability and long service life.

Premim Star Light

Developed after many years of research and in-plant testing, the PremiumStar Light is our universal paddle that can used in high throughput plants, u-bar and horizontal machine applications. Its construction uses less fabric so the paddle is more flexible for specific applications.
Designed 4 1/4" wide to provide versatility, especially in the international market. The 9-Star Hog Scraper has an extra rubber support section for longer life.
Our 7-Star Hog Scraper has long been the industry standard resulting in the highest sales volume in its category in the world. A 5-ply fabric wedge delivers extra stiffness and longer life. They can be used with or without a backer paddle.
Polishing Whips
Longwood's Hog Polishing Whip was designed for today's modern hog processing lines. Made from the highest quality materials, our whip has a proven long life. Whips are available in brown and natural for various shaft sizes.


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